I began personal training with Hannah to work on my weaknesses. Strength and technique were my main objectives. Everyone has different goals when they begin their training and these were mine. While working with Hannah not only did I reach my personal expectations, but then she pushed me to exceed them. She not only helped me with my physical abilities but helped me overcome my doubts and built up my confidence where I lacked it. When I PR’d a lift she was right there just as excited for me as if she had just PR’d herself. I can’t put into words the knowledge and experience I have gained training with Hannah. She’s the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone no matter what your fitness objectives are, she will help you get there!


Hannah got me ready for my big day. Shredded the weight I wanted just before my wedding day with high energy workouts along with a bit of fun. Met my wedding day goal and now off to the next goal of pre-baby body…#HannahEdenFitness #Goals #Hardworkpaysoff #Love


Pumpfit & Hannah have been the best thing that has ever happened to my new healthy lifestyle living. Training with Hannah has been more than motivation she has become an inspiration. Her hard work inside and outside of training has shown me that there literally is nothing impossible when you put in the time, work and dedication. In just one year of being a part of the Pumpfit Club I have been in the best shape of my life! Hannah has instilled not only a healthy lifestyle mentality but also one of strength and focus. Never in a million years did I think my body could do what it can today but with her push and support I’ve literally seen my body and mind transform. There is such a fun a positive energy in this group that I can’t see any other trainer come close to what Hannah and Pumpfit has to offer!


For the past year I have been trying to find the “right” gym routine to get in shape and feel good about my workout but always leaving frustrated and getting NO results. When my niece invited me to her PumpFit class I immediately said, NO thank you!! Knowing that this would not be a place that my 52-year-old body was in shape for. With great hesitation I went and to my surprise did better than I could have ever possibly imagined. All due to an awesome instructor!
Hannah has vast knowledge in fitness. Her motivation is like nothing I have ever experienced from another trainer before. No matter how hard the routine is, she always works with everyone so that each person is challenging their self to their own capabilities. When you have the drive and determination to get your body in shape with a workout that is going to give you results I recommend PumpFit Club where age is only a number. #workhard #feelgoodaboutyourself #NOexcuses #justmotivation #pumpfitclub


Whether your goal is to cut weight, increase endurance, or just an all over body workout, PumpFit will get you to where you want to be. I started PumpFit in hopes of increasing my endurance for improvement in my everyday CrossFit workouts. Not only have I noticed significant improvements from when I started, but I’ve increased my attendance at PumpFit from one day a week to at least three. Hannah is an awesome and motivating coach. She creates excellent workouts that will challenge even the strongest athlete. I highly recommend anyone to give this class a try, and will guarantee that you will see quick results if you stick with it!


I go to Pump Fit 3-4 days a week and I’m never bored! Hannah is always making the workouts different, fun and challenging. She always has a scaled down and scaled up version of each exercise so the class is filled with all different levels.
Hannah is very well informed and explains every exercise, what muscle it will work out and the goal of the workout every time!
You have to try Pump Fit!




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