Find The Road 14 Week Running Program


Find The Road 14 Week Running Program.

Preparing for 13.1 miles for all fitness levels, beginner to elite.

Find The Road is a 14 week running program. [downloadable ebook]

This program is for all fitness levels, from beginner to elite. Find The Road will progressively build over 14 weeks to prepare you mentally and adapt your body physically to run 13.1 miles, a half marathon. I have tested this program alongside a group of awesome individuals from PumpFit Club. I was blown away with the results and can’t wait to hear yours too.


You will have 3 core runs a week with some recovery runs sprinkled in through-out.

Monday: Interval Training

Wednesday: Tempo Run

Friday: Distance Run


As the program progresses so will your volume of running. Starting with 30 minute runs that advance every week.

I wrote this ebook while preparing for my 828.6 mile adventure around the Ring Road of Iceland. I learned a lot about running and I became obsessed with getting better. This changed my mindset and my mental strength more than anything I’ve ever experienced.


I invite you to accept this challenge with an open mind. Be ready to experience change, and with change comes doubt and fear.

Commit to your goal, set your intentions, and own these 14 weeks.