Recovery is an essential component to your fitness game. Recovery will decrease the risk of injury and allow your body to recuperate from the intense training sessions.

Listen to your body.

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    Recovery is often overlooked. Nagging injuries are easily prevented by maintaining and taking care of your body. We usually don't focus on recovery till an injury happens.

    Make recovery part of your workout routine.

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  • Lacrosse Ball Recovery

    Take 30 minutes a week to work on your body. This inexpensive lacrosse ball can keep you pain free, mobile, and at a lesser risk of injury. The deep trigger points with generate Myofascial release. Myofascial release forces the tight muscle to relax. Maintain that body of yours regardless if you ...

  • Drills for Improving Shoulder Mobility

    You have no business loading weight over your head if your mobility doesn't allow you to reach the ranges with ease. Mobility can be improved and built with time, consistency, and patience. Try throwing these into your week of training.