Fear Less. Do More. Move Your Body.

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Struggle, Awareness, Reason, Overcome, Enlightenment, Commitment

To be Fearless is to :

  • Push through the struggle to start something new and life-changing
  • To become aware of exactly what holds you back
  • To find your reason; the North Star that keeps you on the path
  • To overcome the mental chatter and fear that tells you to quit before you potentially “fail”
  • To become enlightened to what you’re actuallycapable of, in spite of being afraid
  • To commit to feeling the fear … and doing it anyway

Are You Ready to

  • Do you feel like you know you can achieve your goals … yet for some reason, you can’t seem to get started?
  • Do you want visible results that actually last, in just 6 short weeks?
  • Do you want to finally have the motivation to stick with your health regime?
  • Are you tired of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole “diet and exercise” programs that leave you feeling unfulfilled?
  • Do you want to feel full on delicious foods, while still getting leaner and stronger?
  • Do you feel like your life is meant for more … yet you can’t get past your fear of moving into the unknown?
  • Do you want to live before you die?

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“The app is great! I’m loving Hannah’s workouts. They’re never boring and easy to follow-along too! I  can watch at home or while traveling since I  don’t need that much equipment. I love it! “


  • Access 6-Weeks of Intense HIIT Full Follow Along Workouts For All Fitness Levels
  • Follow Along with Hannah, Paulo, and our guest trainers each demonstrating a beginner, moderate, and advanced version of the Fearless Program
  • Challenge yourself both physically and mentally as we take you through our mindset practices each week of the program to push your limits and suppress any fear, both physically and mentally
  • Comprehensive E-Book Outlining the Program Schedule and Programming for each week. Also, included is our in-depth Fearless Nutrition Guide to help you smash your dieting during and after the program.
  • Minimal Equipment Required! All you need is a yourself, a set of moderate weighted dumbbells, and a set of small resistance bands in order to crush your Fearless Transformation
  • Stream videos or download to your device – all your favorites, always available
  • Join the international #HEFTRIBE

“I was following Hannah for years but was too intimidated to try her training programs. I am so glad I took the leap, because I am a beginner and I am loving her workouts. I wish I started sooner.”



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FearLESS Includes…

  • 6 weeks of total-body full follow-along workouts
  • 35-45 minutes, 5 days a week
  • Real-time instruction for the beginner, intermediate, & advanced
  • Minimal equipment: 2 dumbbells & 1 mini band
  • Train anywhere, on any device
  • Comprehensive nutrition guide
  • Unlimited access via the top-rated HEF Training
  • HEF Training Fitness App
  • Level-up! Repeat Fearless again & again

Join The Fearless Transformation

6-Week FEARLESS Transformation Program

$199.99 USD

  • Full Follow Along Video Workout Program
  • Comprehensive E-Book + Nutrition Guide
  • Minimal Equipment Required. DB + Bands
  • Written Exercises That Test You Mentally
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • All Accessible Via HEF Training App


Fearlessly building strength and confidence to tackle anything life throws our way

Are you exactly whoyou want to be?

We created FEARLESS to show that you only need 2 dumbbells and a mini band to stay on track.This is a journey to find more reasons to keep our drive alive. It’s about fearlessly becoming a better version of ourselves. It’s about seeking for more, building strength and confidence to tackle anything life throws our way. We build the physical strength, the mental fortitude, and overall resilience to tap into new untouched potential. We push our mental and physical boundaries past what we think we are capable of to become exactly who we want to be. By moving our bodies, we move our life. Are you ready to be Fearless? Start the Fearless questionnaire below to find out.

Fear Less. Do More. Move Your Body.
– Hannah & Paulo


HEF on the road, Ep 1

Get Peeled Podcast, Ep 1


Do I have to be subscribed to HeF app in order to access fearless?

You do not have to be a monthly or annual subscriber to the HEF Training App in order to access the Fearless Program content as well as any other individually purchased content on HannahEdenFitness.com

Who is the FEARLESS transformation for?

Fearless is for anyone ready to face the unknown. It’s for those who know there’s more to life and are ready to take responsibility. Anyone ready to feel fear and leap anyway. It’s for You. It’s for the newbie, the intermediate, and the advanced athlete. I’ve taken away your excuses with this 6-week program. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, a mini band, and commitment. Only the unknown is guaranteed in life. The fearless know that exercising your will on the body exercises your will in life. Fear may never go away, but we accept and welcome the unknown. Get ready to learn, earn, and embrace accountability as growth. Find your reason, face your fear, and become FEARLESS.

What equipment is required for the full 6 weeks?

1 pair of dumbbells and a set mini band. You choose your dumbbell weight and your band tension.

What style of training is the Fearless Transformation?

Fearless consists of strength, conditioning, and muscle building total body training utilizing techniques and methods like hypertrophy, progressive overloading, AMRAPs (as many reps as possible to a timer), mobility, tabata, tempo sets, circuit training, animal flows, and much more.

How long are the workouts and how many days per week?

Fearless workouts last 35-45 minutes. There’s a total of 5 workouts per week. 4 Programed workouts plus your choice of workout from the 3 bonus workouts provided based off how you’re feeling that 5th day of each week!

What do I do when Fearless is over?

After completing the Fearless Transformation, level up and repeat the program until you’ve mastered it. If you’re ready to transform yourself with something new, enjoy a HEF Tribe discount on your next Hannah Eden Fitness program. You can also email us at [email protected] to request your 15% OFF discount code once you’ve completed Fearless which you also should recieve via email.

What is the FEARLESS transformation & how long is it?

Fearless is about facing fear, the unknown, and yourself. The Fearless Transformation Program last 6 weeks with 4 programmed workouts and 1 bonus workout of your choice, based on how you feeling that day. The Transformation program is designed to test your ability to stick to and complete something that forces you to grow both physically and mentally. Set your intention. Find Your Reason and become FEARLESS today.

How do I navigate my nutrition during the transformation?

Fearless comes with a complete nutrition guide and recipes for every day of the 6-week transformation program.

Where does the transformation take place?

You can perform the Fearless program literally anywhere. Take Fearless outside, to the gym, or train in your own home. Workout anywhere, on any device, from the palm of your hand to the big screen via the HEF Training App available on IOS and Android.

How much does it cost to join Fearless?

To Join Fearless The Cost is $199.99
Purchase Fearless Today

How do I join the Fearless Transformation?

Join Fearless by purchasing here or above Or, download the HEF Training app free and complete your purchase via the app which is availiable on IOS and Android! Once you Complete your purchase all content for the Fearless Transformation program is located inside the Programs section of the HEF Training App. 

When Can I Start The Fearless Transformation?

You can join and start the 6-Week Fearless Transformation Program at any time!