5-Week Beyond KB Program > Try A FREE Workout
5-Week Beyond KB Program > Try A FREE Workout



PHASE 1 | Learn + Focus

PHASE 2 | Build + Evolve

PHASE 3 | Trim + Release

This program is designed to teach, build, and trim. ⁣

  • 14 weeks of workouts
  • Hypertrophy Focused
  • Pumpfit HIIT/Cardio Acceleration
  • 14 week Meal Plan
  • Supplement Guide
  • Accessible Via HEF Training App + Digital Downloadable E-book
  • Video Tutorial + Coaching
  • No gym machinery required

FOCUS will teach you that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality and integrity. Redefine your true character by doing your absolute best while no one is looking. I hope this triggers some internal inspiration for you. I want you to FOCUS on the now. It’s not about what they’re doing. This is your journey. FOCUS on you.

Equipment List:

  • Timer
  • Rower
  • Box
  • Jump Rope
  • MedBall
  • Slam Ball
  • Ab Mat
  • Rig for Pull-ups and AB work
  • Multiple KB
  • Multiple DB
  • Mini-Bands

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