NEW 4-Week Rebirth Program > TRY A FREE WORKOUT
NEW 4-Week Rebirth Program > TRY A FREE WORKOUT



This program is designed to teach, build, and trim. ⁣

* 14 weeks of workouts:

* Hypertrophy Focused

* Pumpfit HIIT/Cardio Acceleration

* 14 week Meal Plan by Alexa, Vitality Health Coaching

* Supplement Guide

* Digital Downloadable e-book

* Video Tutorial + Coaching

* No gym machinery required

PHASE 1 | Learn + Focus

PHASE 2 | Build + Evolve

PHASE 3 | Trim + Release

FOCUS will teach you that it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality and integrity. Redefine your true character by doing your absolute best while no one is looking. I hope this triggers some internal inspiration for you. I want you to FOCUS on the now. It’s not about what they’re doing. This is your journey. FOCUS on you.

Equipment List:

  • Timer
  • Rower
  • Box
  • Jump Rope
  • MedBall
  • Slam Ball
  • Ab Mat
  • Rig for Pull-ups and AB work
  • Multiple KB
  • Multiple DB
  • Mini-Bands


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