NEW 4-Week Rebirth Program > TRY A FREE WORKOUT
NEW 4-Week Rebirth Program > TRY A FREE WORKOUT



4 week Kettlebell tutorials and workouts to improve your fitness. You will shed fat and build muscle. You will also build strength endurance and improve your technique in Kettlebell Flow with Hannah Eden. Challenge your mind and your body. Evolve with the HEF Tribe.


ONLY ONE Kettlebell needed

Do it anywhere

All flows under 30 min

4x per week

4 weeks total


What Fitness Level?



This is a single kettlebell program designed to enhance your current skill set and challenge your cognitive and physical capacity.


*A collection of 16 kettlebell Flow workouts.

*Comprehensive video tutorials of each flow.

*Demo videos for each movement and transition.

*4 weekly flows – 4 weeks total.

*Minimal equipment – Do it anywhere.

*Gain confidence with the kettlebell and learn how to write your own flow.



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