Monster Monday Challenge

Monster Monday Challenge

This is something great that you can stack on top of your workout that day OR during an active recovery day to improve a skill.

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Monster Monday Challenge
  • #1 Monster Monday Challenge | MB Knee to Chest + Pike-Up

    Start your week with a challenge.

    Follow the interval 20 seconds on + 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes [8 rounds total]

    Complete as many controlled reps as possible.

    Run a clock for 4 minutes and following this interval:
    - 20 sec: MB Knee to Chest + MB Pike-Up
    - 10 sec: REST

    This is an advanc...

  • #2 Monster Monday Challenge | Dumbbell Snatch

    12 min EMOM
    Every minute on the mixture for twelve minutes complete 10 DB Snatches [5R + 5 L]

    Try increasing your weight every minute till you reach your max weight with effect execution. Stick with that weight and complete the remainder of the workout or decrease weight as needed.