Hannah is a young, strong, and successful entrepreneur, who is fully committed to changing other people’s lives through fitness, as she did to her own. She is an influential advocate to a fit and healthy lifestyle. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Had you met her four years ago you would never imagine her as she stands today.


In 2006, at a young age, Hannah moved from England to United States. She faced great personal challenges as she tried to fit in her new reality. Fitness became her escape. She began her journey and in the process she transformed her mind and body. Her physical strength has pushed her to break mental boundaries and helped her shape who she is. Hannah has become determined to accomplish everything and anything she sets her mind to, with a commitment to elevate and help others along the way.

In 2013, she started a passion project to develop and host a fitness program at Nikki Beach, South Beach, FL, which would later transform her life. Over the years, Hannah worked on her craft as a coach and as a CrossFit athlete. In 2014, she began competing at an elite level, becoming one of Top 100 Fittest Women in the South East Region in the US.


In 2015, Hannah, at 24, became an entrepreneur. Her passion project became PumpFit Club, a boutique upscale facility that hosts group sessions with a unique approach to HIIT. Located in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, PumpFit is a place to empower adults to be adults and to break down mental and physical boundaries. The program combines intense cardio and resistance training in strategic time intervals to reap the maximum benefits during a one-hour workout.



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