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HEF TRIBE Ambassador Team

Apply to Join The HEF Tribe Ambassador Team

Everything begins with genuine connections…

Our ambassadors interface us to communities all throughout the globe and share with us insightful feedback and savvy criticism so we can develop and grow together. We’re so honored for your interest in joining the HEF Tribe movement in hopes of continuing to spread our mission and passion for all things Fitness, Wellness, & Life!

The HEF Brand isn’t your typical fitness brand. We focus on 4 key pillars that we believe can make you unstoppable.

Mindset [we push you to see your true potential]
Movement [we provide you with multiple training options]
Nourishment [we provide you with recipes and meal plan to nourish your body]
Style [we provide you with fitness apparel that will support your workouts and boost your confidence]

Being a HEF Tribe Ambassador isn’t for everyone. We’re very selective with who gets approved, but if you apply and are approved, HEF Tribe Ambassadors receive special perks such as discounts, free giveaways, special invites to virtual or live events and so much more. Receive development tools and unique experiences. Test and sample new fitness and apparel products. Continue to help grow the HEF Tribe Community and spread our mission all while expanding your network and relationships.

Our partnership and newfound relationship opens up new opportunities for the HEF Tribe Community and us as Ambassadors and the HEF Brand to make a difference in our communities and beyond. When you’re an ambassador, you’re not just a partner, you’re an extension of Hannah, Paulo, and the HEF Brand and an inspiration to all our current and future Tribe Members.

We look forward to establishing our Ambassador Partnership with you!

Ambassador Requirements + Incentives:

  1. Include “@HEF.Tribe Ambassador” in bio on social platforms
  2. Post to stories organically 3-6x per month. Remember to document not sell
  3. Post authentically 2-4x per month on your feed & tag the HEF.Tribe or FYR_Apparel
  4. Use the following hashtags when posting
    #HEFTribeAmbassador, #HEFTribe, #HannahEdenFitness, #FindYourReason, #FYRApparel [apparel promotion only], #HEFTrainingApp [App promotion only]
  5. Commit to monthly check-ins
  6. Stay up to date with all things HEF with our weekly emails
  7. Receive 20% in store credit on any new customers referred using your unique link/code
  8. Store credit for any new customer order referrals will be sent to you via email monthly

* Please note, store credit is only paid out for new customer orders or customers who haven’t purchased within the past year of their order date. *